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Article 2. Thermal units.

Thermal units.

Everyone at least once asked himself the question: why in one apartment house in winter it is cold and the tap water is lukewarm, and in the spring and autumn it is stuffy and it is necessary to open the windows, and in a nearby house it is comfortable at any time of the year. At the same time, the residents of the first house pay more for heat. And it’s all about the heat knot.

In order that thermal energy from heat networks enter the system of heating and hot water supply, in each house a heat node is initially provided.

Thermal nodes are automated and non-automated.

If nothing has changed since the construction in your home’s thermal node, then it is not automated. And this means that the temperature in the heating and hot water supply systems at home is not automatically regulated. Therefore, in winter, you can be cool in the apartment, and in the spring and autumn the batteries “shparyat” so that the windows have to be kept constantly open. Yes, to the same, hot water in the tap is “warm”, then “cold”. A heat meter in the absence of automation “shakes” in full.

Meanwhile, residents of a neighboring house have taken care of the automation of their thermal unit for a long time: the temperature in the heating system is automatically regulated by them depending on the temperature of the outside air, and hot water with the prescribed temperature always flows from the tap. At the same time, they also pay 20 percent less for heat of interest!

According to the operating organizations, work on automation of the heat node pays off in just 1-1,5 years.

Automation is subject to all heat nodes without exception. For specialized engineering organizations, this work is “on stream”. All that is required of the Customer is to take technical specifications for the reconstruction of the thermal unit in TGC-2 and conclude a contract for reconstruction with an engineering company. And all the work on the design, coordination, delivery, installation and delivery of the automated thermal node will be performed by qualified specialists. The term of the full range of works is 30-40 days.