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Article 1. Nodes of Accounting

The heat costs money … Which?

In times of market relations, everything has to be paid for. No exception is the thermal energy, which is used for heating and hot water supply of buildings. It is possible to calculate for heat energy with a heat supply organization in two ways: according to the indications of the heat metering unit, and if it is simpler – the heat meter for the actually consumed heat, or by calculation – in the absence of a heat meter. Despite the fact that the law obliging owners to install heat meters has been adopted for a long time, they are still found at home, they are not equipped. Of course, payment for heat by calculation always threatens to overpay, because this calculation does not take into account many factors: the real heat loss of the building can be much less than the calculated ones, frequent warming is also not taken into account by calculation. As a result, the real overpayment for heat can be up to 20%! If you still do not have a heat meter, it is worthwhile to think about its installation. And those who have a heat meter already installed, you need to pay attention to his condition: working capacity, availability of verification, ease of removal and transmission of readings. Modern technologies using GSM-modems allow making and transmitting the readings from the heat meter without leaving the computer.

The procedure for installing the heat meter is rather laborious: obtaining technical conditions, developing and approving the project, installation, commissioning. At each stage there are many nuances, which can be understood only by a qualified engineering organization, which has experience and good reputation. Work on installing a heat meter “turnkey” usually takes 2-3 weeks. On the market there are organizations that have no experience, no qualified employees to ensure all work on installing a heat meter. Take the company’s choice thoroughly: take recommendations from friends, visit the office, learn about the possibility of installments.

And finally: unfortunately, the installation of individual heat meters for an apartment in most cases is technically impossible …