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Article 5. Heat and economy

Heat and economy.

So the long-awaited summer came. The heating season is over. For enterprises, it is time to prepare for the next heating season. It’s time to analyze the costs of the company for heat supply. In the context of a recession in the economy, it will not be superfluous to consider ways to optimize and reduce these costs. And this, believe me, is always possible. And, not always costly activities.

Boiler plants are fraught with a large number of potential savings. Here are just some of them:

Increase the efficiency of boilers and heat exchange equipment. This is achieved by cleaning the boiler and heat exchange equipment and regime-adjustment works. Hand over these data to specialists who, with the help of a gas analyzer and other specialized devices, will adjust the optimum combustion mode in the boilers. This event will allow you to reduce fuel costs from 2 to 10%! Try to calculate the annual savings! Of course, there are times when just cleaning and adjusting does not help. Then it is worth thinking about replacing obsolete equipment with modern, more efficient and energy-saving equipment.

Switch to another type of fuel. In most cases, this option involves the replacement of boilers. But the economic effect can greatly please the diligent master.

Installation of frequency converters on pumps. In order for the pumps to produce the required parameters (no more and no less) with uneven operation of the enterprise during the day, they are equipped with frequency converters. Properly selected and tuned frequency converters will help you save up to 30% of the energy spent on pumps.

Installation of weather-compensated control automatics. This measure will allow you to program the temperature of the coolant in the heating network, depending on the temperature of the outside air, the hours of operation of the enterprise. After all, at night and on weekends, when the enterprise does not work, it is not necessary to maintain the same temperature in the rooms as during working hours. The automation will allow you to save up to 25% of the heat !!!

And this is far from all directions of economy! Think about how much heat and electricity your company uses inefficiently!

Turning to specialists, you get: an expert analysis of the current situation, the definition of measures for saving, proposals for their implementation with the calculation of the real economic effect of the implementation, and of course the professional implementation of the proposed energy-saving measures.