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Article 4. Pumping stations

We turn to water procedures.

Evening. You stand under the shower, from which a thin trickle, but still running water. And then the water ends … ALL !!! Soap is not washed away … Mood is spoiled … Familiar?

The water mains in our beloved city are worn out. Installed in the last century, the central booster pump stations are also not in the best condition. And at night they are often completely turned off … And in the near future there is no prospect of improvement. What can help residents of high-rise buildings, which often in the evenings, and even more so at night, reduce the water pressure to almost zero?

A large range of modern pumping equipment is able to solve any problem of water shortage in a multi-storey building. In place of the old console Soviet pumps came worthy rivals in Germany, Italy, and even China! These pumps with the same characteristics have a number of advantages: good energy-saving characteristics, noiselessness, long-term operation, no maintenance. But in order to ensure a constant head of water in your tap and that at the same time the electricity meter does not spin at twice the speed, it is not enough just to install a pump in the basement.

The modern pumping stations installed in the high-rise buildings are equipped with a frequency converter that allows increasing the pump’s output during hours of maximum water consumption and reducing the productivity to almost zero when there is no water (for example, at night). At the same time, the maximum energy saving is achieved, too. The pump works only when it is necessary. Pump stations are also equipped with a protection against “dry running” so that the pump does not burn out in the event of a complete lack of water, modern shut-off valves, pressure gauges.

For a guaranteed solution of the water supply problem, contact the specialists. Qualified engineers will select the necessary equipment based on the calculated and actual volumes of water consumption at home, taking into account the coefficients of hourly unevenness.

Properly selected pump station, professional installation, a guarantee for equipment and work will allow you to forget about the problems of water supply for a long time and enjoy water procedures.